Best Time To Visit Las Vegas

November 6, 2015

The best time to visit Las Vegas is from March to May and from September to November (though there is good weather and easy to find travel deals during any time of the year).  During these spring and fall shoulder seasons the weather is warm enough that heavier layers are not needed, but also cool enough to be able to walk around without the risk of overheating. During the summer months Las Vegas can be comparable to an oven with temperatures easily exceeding one hundred degrees. This then causes many tourists to come between December and February (with New Year’s Even being an especially popular time for people to visit).  Once you decide when you will come to Las Vegas try to plan a mid-week trip.  Las Vegas is a very common weekend getaway destination, so by booking a mid-week trip you will find more rooms available and they will have lower rates. 


Another thing to look out for when booking a flight are conventions. Las Vegas is a very common spot for conventions.  These conventions then cause room’s rates to increase.  The best way to check if there will be any conventions in Las Vegas when you want to travel is to check the Las Vegas Tourism Board’s convention schedule to find out which hotels are hosting evets and when those event are.  Checking the convention schedule ensures that you will get a better deal on your choice hotel and will not have to deal with a large crowd of people.  


Once you have found out the best time for you trip try to book all hotels and flights about three weeks to even a month in advance.  This will be plenty of time to ensure you can get a good deal on your flight and hotels will want to begin to start filling up the empty rooms that they still have open before it is too late.  Do not fall into the trap of making your trip to Las Vegas a spontaneous decision.  Making the trip spontaneously may seem to make the trip more of a classic Las Vegas trip, but you may be paying the price as you are stuck in traffic driving there, paying increased airfare to fly there, or having to drive around to find a hotel room you can afford since you did not book ahead.  


Hopefully this article provided you with helpful tips to make your trip to Las Vegas the best it can be.

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