Tips for Finding Airfare Deals for Holiday Season

December 23, 2015

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The holiday season is a time for families across the country to come together and celebrate, but for many people that involves flying from one location to another.  And on top of that many people are already a little financially stretched during the holiday season anyways.  The solution for this is too really take your time to look for airfare deals during the holidays.  Following these few simple tricks could end up saving your family hundreds of dollars this holiday season.


Be an Early Bird


When looking for holiday deals on plane tickets you must in fact book early to get the best price.  If are worried that you will be missing out on a better deal if you book early there are many price comparison websites you can go to see many airline prices compared at once.  Also check out Price Drop Payback at CheapAir, which will give you credit up to $100 if your ticket prices drops after you purchase your ticket.


Fly on the Holiday


Flying on the holiday is another great way to get a cheaper flight.  Many airports are like ghost towns on major holidays, especially when compared to the days leading to the holiday.  By flying on a holiday you will be able to enjoy a great airfare deal, shorter security lines, and smaller crowds.  And once again if you book your flight in advanced and on a holiday you will get a better deal.


Avoid the Herd


Avoid flying on days that are in high demand for travelers (for example the Sunday after Thanksgiving) because these days will be more expensive because the airlines know people will be willing to pay the increased price.  If you have flexibility in your job then you should really try to consider waiting a day or two after the day most people are flying.


Look at the Big Picture When You are Choosing Flights


Do not get so focused on getting great holiday deals on your flight that you fail to look at the big picture when flying.  For example, flights with connections are generally cheaper, but there are also countless more problems that could occur (weather delays, missed connections, etc.).  Be sure to remember that being stuck somewhere you do not want to be is hardly ever worth the savings.  And if you must get a flight with a connection book one of the first flights out so if something does delay or even cancel your flight you will have a better chance of making a later flight.


With these tips you will be sure to find the best airfare deals, so you will be able to spend time with your family no matter where they are in the country.  

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