Spring Travel Ideas-Where to See the Flower Blossom 2016

March 4, 2016

Happily it's March and it's spring time! The snow is melting and the flowers are blooming. Spring break and Easter is on its way. We have five recommendations for you to enjoy the wonderful spring time.


1. Death Valley

Well. although it's called Death Valley, it's like this in the news during spring time. It's experiencing a "superbloom" this year. 


Located between California and Nevada, everyone knows that Death Valley is a desert. But as the result of El Niño weather pattern in California, the desert got extra rainfall that nurtured the wildflowers this year. 


Watch this CBS Video:

To enjoy the most of the blooming beauty, check the Death Valley wild flower report before you go. 


2. Antelope Valley

Antelope Valley is famous for the California poppy blossom. Wild poppy spreads all over the Valley in March and April. The peak time varies every year. No tickets needed. All you need to pay is the parking fee. For peak season, get their early to find a good parking spot. 


Check their Facebook page for real-time report. 

3. Carlsbad Ranch

The Flower Fields is a flower garden found on the Carlsbad Ranch in Carlsbad, California. It opens up once a year in spring from Marchthrough May. This year, it opens until May 8. In other words, it opens when flowers blossom. This is the perfect place for photoshooting, wedding and family activities. 


Tickets are 14 for adults and free for kids under 2. 

(Photo Credit to The Flower Fields


4. Seattle

As we said in the 6 Affordable Spring Break Ideas, Seattle is not a popular spring destination for it's its raining season in March. But the beautiful cherry blossom makes it worth the rain and coldness. 


Popular places to watch the cherry blossom includes Washington University, Jefferson Park, the Azalea Way walk and Seward Park.

 5. Washington

Washington is another popular place for cherry blossom. This year, experts predicts the peak bloom will fall sometime during the period March 31 to April 3. For those who plans for this yearly feast, pay close attention to the cherry watch website or you may miss it. 


 (Photo Credit to Nicolas Raymond)








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