How to unlock a TSA Lock

April 18, 2016

Most of the Gabbiano Luggage comes with built-in TSA 3-digit combination lock. So, one frequently question we are asked is “I forget my keys, how do I unlock and reset my TSA Lock?”


First of all, what is TSA lock and why do I need it? TSA refers to the Transportation Security Administration. In the United States the Transportation Security Administration requires access to luggage without the passenger being present. A TSA lock allows them to open (with a universal “master” key) and relock without damage the luggage.


SO, how do I unlock and reset my TSA lock without a special key? Here are the instructions:


1. Press the reset button with a pen and you will hear a click sound.

2. Enter the new combination of your choice.

3. Push the tab on the lock to lock the number you just enter, and you will hear a click sound again.

4. Ta-da, done!










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