Solo Travel VS Group Travel

April 27, 2016


There’s always a debate between sole travel and group travel. Both sides have its pros and cons. It’s a choice more depends on what you are pursuing in a trip.




Solo Travel

1. A flexible schedule

The biggest advantage of solo travel is that you can stick with your own plan all the time! Never need to compromise with another person’s schedule, budget or wait for them to get packed or charge their phone. If you prefer to start the day after noon or eat junk food two times a day, there’s no other to judge you.


However, this also could be a bad thing for procrastinators because they might be end up with a too slow pace and miss so many attractions and activities! A travel partner of a group of travel partners may just be the incentive to experience more of your destination.


2. Independence

Adventurers always prefer solo travel for they can get a full range of experience they want without compromising to other’s ideas. As a solo traveler, you can improvise any time, jumping on a train at last minute or try the most exotic food you can find. These may make up a trip full of surprise, which, according to many travelers, is what travel’s about.


3. Meet diverse people

A group of people is hard to approach. But solo travelers are easier to meet up with each other during their travel or stay at hostels, grab a drink at night or even share part of the trip. Other’s stories are more attractive when you are not forced to stay with them 24 hours a day.


Since even the most solitary person would like to communication with other from time to time, solo travelers are forced to talk to others, including many local people, which is easier to provide you a more immersive travel experience.



4. Get special treatments

There’s better chance for solo travelers to get upgrades on flights or a seat at a fully booked restaurant. Besides, many travelers do notice that they receive more help from local people when they travel alone.


5. Safety problem

Safety is a big problem for solo travelers. You may need to ask a stranger to look at your bags when you went to restroom. While getting lost in the city or getting on the wrong train may be an unexpected adventure with friends, it might be stressful and cause some safety problem if at rural place or late at night when you are alone.


6. Lonely

As we mentioned before, it’s human’s natural instincts to share and document experience. And that’s why even the doctor needs to have a companion. Sharing beautiful travel moments with someone you care is always better than look at it alone. A six-hour delay at LAX can make one desperate, but it feels better when you have a partner to talk with. No one wants only selfie when traveling to beautiful destinations, even with a selfie stick. 

 (Photo Credit to Chris Beckett)



Group Travel

1. Double fun

It’s always good to have some to talk to when you are traveling to a strange city and having some novel experience. More the merrier is sometimes right. You can be “forced” to do some crazy things if you are with your companion. You can strengthen your friendship by sharing interesting, unexpected, even embarrassing day-to-day moments. And some activities are just more fun with friends! Not to mention that you can have so many great photos together!


Since we all want to get the most of the trip, a travel companion may provide you a different angle, leading you to discover something you never thought before. You may get the courage to try some exotic food or explore an off track road, which you’ll not do alone.


 (Photo Credit to Chris Ford)


2. Get group rates and discounts

There’s always a debate on which is cheaper, solo travel or group travel? As we discussed before, solo travelers are easier to get upgrade on flights or get the last seat of a crowded restaurant. However, there are numerous group deals or friend refer discount out there. If you are not a hostel fan, sharing a hotel room with your travel companion is definitely cheaper.


3. Less stressful

You know when you get sick on a bus, someone is there to look after you. If the train or flight is delayed, someone is there to complain with. If the hotel doesn’t get you the room they promised or the food is not what you expected at a pricy restaurant, someone is there to argue together.


Having a partner reduce your stress and workload even before you hit the road, for you can spilt the work on making plans. Making travel plans can be very complicated and taking a lot of time and efforts. Good news is that you can have a team to work with!


 (Photo Credit to Georgie Pauwels)


However, the problem of team work is that sometimes no one wants to take responsibility when something goes wrong. It could be a nightmare to having people blaming each other for booking a crap hotel room. And meeting everyone’s expectation is usually an impossible mission.


4. Less flexible plans

Traveling in group means you do not get to totally flexible and have to listen to other people’s opinions when making decisions. If you are traveling with people have very different budget, you may end up not doing what you want to do and wasting time on meaningless free activities.


Overall, it’s mostly a personal thing. If you value alone time most of the time and a very organized, independent person, solo travel is the better choice. But if you are more a team player, enjoying time with friends and loving to take a lot of travel photos, go with a friend.


Then, how about family travel? Or just travel with your mom?


Although mom probably is not the best travel companion and would not go to a bar with you, traveling with her could be a great chance for you to strengthen the mother-child bond and creating some unique memories with her. Besides, mom can be a packing master and scheduling master, which helps you to organize the trip better.


As the first person who introduce you the world, it’s time to treat her with a quality travel and a good meal.


(Photo Credit to Dean Shareski)

(Photo Credit to mikl-em )


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