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How To Set The TSA Lock-Official Instruction From Gabbiano

Every Gabbiano Luggage comes with built-in TSA lock. Although we attach instruction of how to set those locks with every products, some local stores removed the tag when selling. If you don't see any tags with the product, here's the official instruction from Gabbiano.

Please note: if you have the tag with your luggage, please refer to the instruction on the label. That's the most accurate instruction to your luggage style.

The original number is 0-0-0to set your personal combination, follow these steps:

1. Put the dials at its original numbers 0-0-0. They should stay at 0-0-0 when the luggages are sent out from us, but sometimes, they may be moved in transition.

2. Press down the reset button with a tool (a pen or something with a sharp head) until hear the "click" sound. The location of the reset button varies based on style. Look close at each side of the lock. The button is usually small and not easy to spot.

Here are some examples:

3. Set your combination by turning the dials, for example 8-8-8.

4. Push the button on the side and the reset button will be back when you hear the "click" sound.

These are three most common locks on our products:

Now you have finished to set your personal combinations.

If you forget your combination, repeat the above steps or refer to this video on how to reset the lock:

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