2017 Travel Bucket list

January 13, 2017


It’s always thrilling when thinking of the new year’s travel plans. Grab a calendar and open booking, Airbnb, expedia.com and a bunch of travel blogs is one of our best activities throughout the year. Here we pick 7 most wanted destinations based on our editor’s personal opinion and market trend.


1. Alaska

No one can resist the beauty of Alaska. It is know as the land with least human footprints and is home to many wildlife. To nature lovers, Alaska has diverse terrain of open spaces, mountains and forests that deserves the compliments in all languages. The best season for aurora is september to March, while the wildlife are most active in summer. 

 (Photo Credit to: Jordan Confino)

(Photo Credit to:  Ian D. Keating

 (Photo Credit to: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center)


2. Kanazawa, Japan

This quiet small town with a lot of historic wood teahouses and beautiful samurai residence has been on the raise to global travelers attention since a bullet train extension shorten the commute from Tokyo to 2.5 hours. It's a perfect place to find authentic sushi with much cheaper price than in Tokyo and immerse yourself in the easeful and slow-paced town life atmosphere. 

 (Photo Credit to: DozoDomo)


3. Paros, Greece

Another city on the rising list because of the upgrades of transportation. Paros has been long known for crystal water, sandy shorelines, traditional villages and naturally formed swimming coves. Last year, the Island oped a new airport that is capable to serve larger aircrafts and more vacationers. 

 (Photo credit to: Anja Pietsch)

4. New Zealand

As the hometown of Hobbits, New Zealand has always been one of my dreamy destinations. 

Thinking I can ride a horse on its vast grassland like heroes in Lord of Rings, New Zealand becomes increasingly irresistible. 

 (Photo Credit to: Darren Puttock)

 (Photo Credit to: Cat Burton)

5. Utah, USA

With the most spectacular landscape and relative cheap accommodation in most times of the year, Utah could be the perfect place for photographers, outdoor fans, and nature lovers. 6 high rated national parks including Zion National Park, Arches National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park, Dead Horse Point State Park will surely give your eyes a feast. 

 (Photo Credit to: faungg's photos)


6. Great Barrier Reef, Australia

The global climate change and increasing of sea temperature is causing the extensive coral bleaching, mostly in the northern sections of Australia’s 1,430-mile long Great Barrier Reef, which is known as the largest living organism with more than 2900 coral reef and numerous other sea lives. But visitors now can participate in saving the coral reefs while still taking a peek at this spectacular underwater wonderland. 

(Photo Credit to : Kyle Taylor

7. Dunhuang, China.

Same as the Great Barrier Reef, the famous Mogao cave is facing server damaging due to the open to the public. However, more and more visitors are coming to see those precious cave paintings so that the local government have to set limits for the number of visitors per day. More restrict rules is expected to be enforced by local scholars and government. So this is more like a go when you still can spot to us. 

(Photo Credit to: intothegreen




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