Museums that are less serious, more interesting

May 5, 2017

 When think of art museums, most people think of MOMA, Metropolitan Museum of Art or the natural history museum. But there are some museums that have much less serious themes. Some of them are more like temporary exhibitions but become an instant local hot spot when touring around the nation.


Ice Cream Museum 

Attention, ice-cream lovers, the Museum of Ice Cream has come to LA! Starting from April 22, the ice-cream museum opens to public in LA art district. And it has already become an Instagram hot-spot. The most alluring thing (at least for me) is a sprinkle pool that you can actually play in it, showering yourself with colorful sprinkles like a 5-year old.


All tickets need to be purchased online and time slot will be reserved for you. Guests need to arrive within the first 20 minutes of the half hour slot they purchased. However, Los Angeles tickets are currently all sold out. You may want to sign up on their website to get most updated ticket information.


The sprinkle pool:

(Photo Credit to Museum of Ice Cream) 


Check their Instagram Page @Museumoficecream


Museum of Broken Relationships 

About one block away from the busy Chinese Theatre, located this small museum. The air inside is quiet and make people who stepped in forget that they are on one of the busiest and tourist-filled street of Los Angeles. Each object on display is donated to the museum and related to a story of broken relationship. The broken relationship could be marriage, friendship or your older self.


This is a museum dedicate to collect and demonstrate human motions. When you read the stories and see the objects related, it feels like step into pieces of some other’s life for a moment.


One of the exhibitions:


Tickets are available for sale at the front desk of the museum.


Museum of Bad Art 

Most museums display good art works. The Museum of Bad Art in Boston “is the world's only museum dedicated to the collection, preservation, exhibition and celebration of bad art in all its forms.” Sometimes, it’s just fun to see those disproportionate bodies, landscapes that you’d never want to visit based on the painting and experience some crazy and bazaar mood.


Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum

Located next to the space needle at Seattle center, there’s a museum of glass art. The museum is named after Dale Chihuly, a glass artist who led the avant-garde in the development of glass as a fine art. You can never imagine the common seen glass can be made into such beautiful and dreamlike artworks. The garden, with high glass roof, which is also decorated by lively glass flowers is a favorite family photo places.

Tickets are available at the front desk of the museum.


The Andy Warhol Museum 

For pop art fans, this museum in Pittsburgh is a must see. This is the largest museum dedicate to a single artist-Andy Warhol. “The collection includes 900 paintings; approximately 100 sculptures; nearly 2,000 works on paper; more than 1,000 published and unique prints; and 4,000 photographs,”-basically everything you can think about Andy Warhol.




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