9 Best Cities to Visit in Fall

August 17, 2017

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There are solid reasons why September is a good time to travel: Children and teens are back to school, which makes it a better time for a romantic getaway. The summer heat is decreasing in most areas, making walking trails or wandering on streets much easier and more comfortable.


Price for hotels and flights are lowered for the slow season. There are plenty of deals that travels can choose from. With fall leaves starting to gain colors, nature lovers can enjoy a feast for eye without the crowd. Here are 9 best cities around the world to visit in Fall.


1. Denver, USA

The fall leaves start to turn in early September from the surrounding resort and park areas while the foliage in the city can last until mid-October. Rocky mountain national park is about one and thirty minute away from Denver. As the most visited national park Colorado, it has a splendid autumn view with a large number of aspens around the bear lake and along the scenic drive from Black Hawk to Estes Park.

 (Photo Credit to: James Bo Insogna)


In the city, Denver has a great beer Festival-Denver Oktoberfest in late September, featuring 3,500 different beers from more than 700 brewers.  

(Photo credit to Denver Oktoberfest)


2. New York City, USA

There is no off-season for New York City, however, to visit in fall, you can enjoy the full colors that central park can provide and the weather is cooled down for more a cozy park walk. For fashion seekers, it’s the best time to get a head start at numerous boutique stores and trendy select shops as the latest bags, shoes and cloth are just launched for the holiday season.

 (Photo Credit to: Roman Kruglov)


3. Boston, USA

Unlike many other tourist-attracted destinations, Boston becomes more exciting with all students back to school. You can enjoy the fall colors when walking through Harvard’s Arnold Arboretum. Bookstores have an uptick in readings and events for the back-to-school season. The weather is cooled down, but not cold to hide in hotel room. Air is clean and fresh, with a little chill in the morning. There’s no better time to stroll down the freedom trail and feel the history.

 (Photo Credit to Paul Gagnon)

 (Alleyway Bookstore, Photo Credit to Rob Faulkner)


4. Melbourne, Australia

Fall in the northern half of the earth means spring in Australia. Flowers are blooming in one of the most populous cities in the southern hemisphere. Temperature are around 50-70 degree in day time, which is perfect for a botanic garden walk or an open-air concert and don’t need to walk through large crowds since the winter tourist torrent is not there yet.

 (Photo Credit to Wales Tsai


5. Beijing, China

Fall is one of the best seasons to visit Beijing. The city is cooled down from summer heat and tourist torrent (no one wants to climb the Great Wall in a 105-degree day), which gives travelers more opportunities to see and experience how the locals live in this thousand-year-old city. The most famous tourist attractions like The Forbidden City and The Great Wall are less crowded, which allow visitors to truly feel the culture of an ancient emperor-how it prosper; how it perish; how it’s remembered and how it’s forgotten.

 (Photo credit to ChrisandMei)


6. Paris, France

Same as other major cities, as the weather cool and crowds thin, travelers are more likely to experience local lives instead of waiting long lines in front of Eiffel Tower and the Louvre. You can feel as though you have the city to yourself.

 (Photo Credit to John Towner


7. Rome, Italy

Known as a city that best discovered on foot, a comfortable weather is definitely the best reward. September is considered shoulder season, so that you are still able to join a group of locals and tourists at many attractions. Besides, wandering down the local street and visit boutique art stores can be another big fun for art seekers.

 (Photo Credit to Neil Cornwall)


8.  Napa Valley, California, USA

Fall is the perfect time to visit a winery town with harvest season beginning, which means local harvest parties and a bunch of wine tastings. The fourth annual Calistoga Harvest Table® event will take place in downtown Calistoga on September 10, where “13 local restaurants and 40-plus wineries will welcome visitors and locals to 1,000 feet of tables in the center of the city’s picturesque downtown.” World-class food, wine and fall scenery is the best offer for the beginning of holiday season.

 (Photo Credit to James Daisa)



9. Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico City attracts tourists almost all year around, but September has the most perfect weather to explore this fast growing and culturally inspired city. Visit the Frida Kahlo Museum for a large collection of Mexican folk arts by the couple of Frida Kahlo and many local artists. Besides, there’s also a feast for your stomach since the city has three of the best restaurants in the world- Pujol, Quintonil, and Biko.

 (Photo Credit to VV Nincic)

 (Frida Kahlo Museum, Photo credit to verifex






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