Seven Essential Packing Hacks

January 10, 2018

Going somewhere?  Below are seven of the best packing hacks to make your next trip easier and more stylish!




1. Use Ziplock bags to keep everything organized and prevent spilling. Also, bring along a few extras in different sizes for things you might pick up on your trip or in case you need a backup. 


2. Roll don't fold. This is an old one, but definitely worth repeating. Rolling your clothes takes up less space, and keeps them relatively wrinkle free. Rolled clothes are also a great layer of padding for fragile items.

3. BRING A SCARF! This is a pretty much unanimous golden rule for flying. Scarves are multifunctional, so they can be used as a blanket, pillow, temporary umbrella, bandana...the list goes on. Also, they are a great, versatile way for fashionistas to elevate an outfit.


4. Use a suitcase with a shoe pocket to keep shoes separate. This way you can avoid packing clean clothes on top of dirty shoes, which is especially helpful if you are going to more than one location and wearing clothes multiple days. 



5. Leave room for souvenirs or other things you might purchase while traveling. It helps if your  suitcase is expandable, so you easily can fit a little more on the way back.


6. Bring laundry essentials. You should definitely include dryer sheets to keep your suitcase fresh and a stain remover pen for little spots. This will help make your clothes last in between washes while you're exploring the world.


7. If you are traveling internationally, it is a good idea to bring overnight essentials in your carry-on bag in case your checked bag gets lost or delayed. Keeping a toothbrush, change of clothes, and small toiletries handy will pay off big time if you are stuck without your luggage for some reason. 




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