The Most Instagram Worthy Spots On Your Next Vacation

January 17, 2018



Every great trip should be commemorated with great photos. Whether you share them on Instagram or keep them in your own album, pictures are a great way to tell your travel story and preserve memories for years to come. With the rise of social media, you may be looking for a unique, visually stunning background to take and share vacation shots. Below are our picks for some of the most Instagrammable spots at destinations around the world. 


1. Gardens By The Bay, Singapore

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Larger than life landscape art makes the Gardens By The Bay a dream destination for amateur and professional travel photographers alike. The property is laid out into three gardens, each with its own unique floral displays. They have rotating exhibits, but some crowd favorites are the Supertrees (above), Tulipmania, and Blossom Beats. In addition to the flora and fauna, Gardens By The Bay hosts concerts, movie screenings, and community events. If you get the chance to see this incredible destination you can't NOT share pictures! 



2. 30, Avenue Montaigne, Paris

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The Dior Building in Paris is an irresistible spot to snap pictures, especially during the holidays. Once a small Paris townhouse, this iconic address became home to the renowned Dior couture label in the 1940s. Now, the massive building is a destination for tourists and luxury shoppers from all over the world. The front facade is often elaborately lit up and decorated, making it a favorite spot for Instagrammers too! 



3. St. Basil's Cathedral, Moscow, Russia 

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Located in the legendary Red Square, St. Basil's Cathedral is now officially known as "Cathedral of the Intercession of the Most Holy Theotokos on the Moat." It was built in the 1500's, but the stunning colors weren't added until the 17th century. Now a museum, St. Basil's Cathedral is considered central to the Red Square, and attracts architecture and photography enthusiasts from all over. 


4. Positano, Italy 

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Positano is a scenic fishing village off the Amalfi Coast of Italy that is widely recognized for its colorful buildings stacked on a hillside over the ocean. It became a tourist destination in the 1950's after an essay by John Steinbeck appeared in Harpers Bazaar singing it's praises. Because of its photogenic backdrop, Positano's popularity has only grown as travel photography has become more accessible thanks to Instagram and other social media. 


5. Horseshoe Bend, Arizona, USA

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This circular meander of the Colorado River has been a photographer favorite for years. Located near Page, AZ This natural phenomenon is best viewed from the top of the lookout, just a short hike from US Route 89. Horseshoe Bend is also downstream from the Glen Canyon Dam and Lake Powell, so If you are visiting the area, this spot is a must-see! 



6. The Highline, New York City, USA

Photo courtesy The New York Times  


The Highline is an old railroad trestle that has been converted into a public park. Owned by the city of New York, it is open all year round and free to visitors. The design for the park was inspired by the natural growth that occurred around the tracks  after they were shut down. The Highline prides itself on being sustainably maintained. It offers unique aerial views of the city, and has become a popular spot for photography enthusiasts. 


7. Havana, Cuba 

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Thanks to the mixture of classic cars and eccentric Baroque buildings, Havana is a riot of color, making it a dream aesthetic  for many. There are so many selfie worthy sites we couldn't narrow it down to just one, but Cathedral Square Plaza and The The Malecón are good places to start.  


8. Blue Lagoon, Iceland 

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This lagoon is warmed naturally by geothermal sea water, and stays around a toasty 98-104 degrees F naturally. Not only is it a beautiful spot, but the silica mud is also said to work wonders on your skin, and many people visit with that in mind. The smoky blue color comes from silica, algae and mineral deposits reflecting sunlight. The ethereal vibe of the Blue Lagoon makes for some stunning pictures. 


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