Must-See Outdoor Markets

February 22, 2018


Open-Air Markets are always a fun stop when you're traveling somewhere new. You can get a real feeling for the city and culture just by walking around, and there are usually local artisans to check out and mouth watering food stalls to try. Below are some of our favorite markets from around the globe! 




Grand Bazaar, Istanbul, Turkey

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An Istanbul institution, The Grand Bazaar is pinnacle of outdoor markets. Considered one of the worlds first shopping malls, It consists of 61 covered streets that are home to over 4,000 shops! Construction dates back to the 11th Century, but it has undergone many renovations since, including ongoing renovations to install modern toilets! The Grand Bazaar has offerings and an atmosphere like no other, so it's no surprise that it is one of the most visited spots in the world. 



The Chandni Chowk, Old Dheli, India

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Established in the mid 1600s by Emporer Shah Jahan's favorite daughter, this bustling spot is still one of India's largest wholesale markets. The offerings include authentic foodstuffs, spices, jewelry, cloth, consumer goods, leather, electronics, books, and more. There are also several famous eateries, some of which have been around for decades. 



Temple St Night Market, Hong Kong

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One of Hong Kong's main attractions, The Temple Street Night Market has a little bit of everything. Not only will you find jade trinkets, tea ware and savory snacks for sale, but you also might see opera singers and fortune tellers among the ranks of vendors. Open-stall street food is at its best in Temple Street Market, and any marked price is considered more of a suggestion, so bargain away! 



Pike Place Market, Seattle, Washington


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This famous landmark has been open since 1907, making it one of the oldest continuously operated markets in the country. Though it is widely known for its lively fish market, Pike Place features an assortment of goods from comic book shops to antique dealers to arcades. You'll also find buskers and performers lining the streets to put on a show. If you are a coffee lover there are tons of different coffee shops, and you can also see the original Starbucks if so inclined. 




Camden Lock, London, UK

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The Camden Lock market is the fourth most popular attraction in London, drawing over 250,00 visitors per week. When it first opened in the 1970s, merchants sold mostly secondhand books, clothing and jewelry from their stalls. Now, the focus is more on artisans and their crafts, as well as world class food-stalls. 


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