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Gabbiano Luggage is inspired by the wayward travelers journey through life. In ancient times sailors relied on seagulls to tell when they were getting close to land. The seagull is a symbol of hope. Our brand represents the confident feeling that you get when you are coming back home safely after adventures abroad.


With over 35 years of experience in the luggage business, we are focused on designing new and trendy luggage products with features that make traveling easy, comfortable and stylish.



Gabbiano inspires confidence by designing high quality luggage that contains and protects your personal belongings as you travel. Our luggage is made from durable and lightweight material that will keep your precious cargo safe as you travel from airport to seaport or anywhere in between.


We have been manufacturing and selling luggage for over 30 years. Our first factory was established in Taiwan in 1980. We have since then expanded our business to China, where our HQ is located. In 2000, we opened our first warehouse in New York with the aim to wholesale our luggage and serve our clients better. 


Now, we have warehouses located in New York, Miami and Los Angeles, making us easily accessible and able to ship at once to our customers. To ensure our products are made to the highest specifications, we personally supervise the overall manufacturing process.


 We strive to offer incredible value by giving our retail associates and consumers high-standard luggage at an affordable price. Our team of experienced luggage designers strictly adheres to the business quality specifications for the creation of our product. 


As the quality of luggage produced is important to our business,  we personally supervise the overall manufacturing process - this sets us apart from other manufacturers.


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32-20 Miller St.

Flushing, NY 11354



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