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The Avila Collection

GA2110-Bronze interior-2k
GA2110-Bronze front-2k
Dual Interior Pocket

Gabbiano Avila Collection features a young and fashionable look with scratch-free surface. The expandable zipper allows for up to 25% packing room in the already spacious interior. The set includes one carry-on and two checked bags, perfect for all purpose travel.

For the convenience of the travelers, a great deal of attention has been given to the weight of the luggage carrier itself. The Avila Collection is made with ABS, which allows it to be extremely lightweight, but still durable and affordable. 


For easy carrying and holding, the handle has been designed to use soft rubber for extra softness and comfort. Unlike other carriers, this does not cause any kind of pain for the user and can be carried for long distances by hand easily, if need be. There's also a side handle on the checked for easy carrying. 

Installed with double spinner wheel, the set allows 360 degree rotation, which ensures the smooth movement on both city roads and unpaved roads. 


  • Made with ABS 

  • Light weight and durable

  • Comfortable soft rubberized carry handle

  • 8 wheels spinner

  • Two zippered compartment and accessory bags

  • Expandable design 


  • 20-inch carry-on: 20"h x 14"w x 10"d; Weight 6.6 lbs

  • 26-inch upright: 26"h x 18"w x 11"d; Weight 8.2 lbs

  • 30-inch upright: 30"h x 20"w x 12"d; Weight 10.4 lbs


Color Options:

  • White, Dark Grey, Dark Blue, Bronze

20-inch MSRP $150.00

26-inch MSRP $180.00

30-inch MSRP $220.00

3-Piece Set MSRP $540.00


SKU: GA2110


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