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The Floral Collection

GA9070B-black floral-back-2k
GA9070B-RF-interior2k copy
GA9070B-Black floral-lock-2k
GA9070B-Black floral-side-2k
GA9070B-black floral-top-2k
Dual Interior Pocket

The Retro Floral Collection is both durable and stylish. The body is made from ABS hardside with a PC coat, and the interior is fully lined. Shoe compartments and zipper pockets keep all your belongings organized, while double spinner wheels allow for 360-degree movement. This set included three nested suitcases for easy storage. 


For easy carrying and holding, the handle has been designed using soft rubber for extra softness and comfort. Unlike other carriers, this does not cause any kind of pain for the user and can be carried for long distances by hand easily, if need be. 


Keeping in mind the security, TSA combination locks have been installed for better and effective security solution. 


In case of slight increase than the expected luggage requirement this bag also features the facility of expansion to accommodate your luggage comfortably. Two interior mesh pocket with a user- friendly interior has been used to line the inside of the carrier. 


For versatility in your luggage carrying options we also offer these cases in three different colors. Gabbiano is certainly the best when it comes to luggage carrying solutions.  



  • Made with ABS composite

  • Light weight and durable

  • Comfortable soft rubberized carry handle

  • TSA combination lock

  • 8 spinner wheels

  • Two interior mesh pockets



  • 20-inch carry-on: 20"h x 15"w x 10"d; Weight 7.6 lb

  • 26-inch upright: 26"h x 18"w x 11"d; Weight 9.73 lb

  • 30-inch upright: 30"h x 20"w x 12"d; Weight 11.7 lb


Color Options:

  • Retro Floral, Navy Floral, Black Floral

20-inch MSRP $180.00

26-inch MSRP $230.00

30-inch MSRP $280.00

3-Piece Set MSRP $660.00


SKU: GA9070B


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